1.  When do you plan to travel to the U.S.? How long will you be staying?  (duration of first trip only)

2.  Where are you going while in the U.S.?  Where will you be staying?

3.  What is the purpose of your trip?

4.  Who will you be meeting with while there?  (Names/dates)

5.  Who is paying for this trip?

6.  Do you have any close family members in the U.S.?

7.  What is your current occupation?  What is your salary?

8.  Do you travel a lot? What other countries have you visited?

9.  When was your last trip to the U.S.?  What was the purpose of that trip?

10.  Have you ever been arrested?

Be sure not to misrepresent yourself on the DS-160 or at the interview – answer all questions accurately and honestly.   At the same time, if the officer asks a yes or no question, give a yes or no answer, there is no need to embellish your answers or provide details that are not requested.  If you need any assistance preparing your B1/B2 visa application, please contact us!