How Can I Get an Affidavit or Document Notarized?

  • The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and certain other agencies may require that some documents be notarized, such as affidavits or translation certifications
  • Notarization involves signing the document before a Notary Public, who will confirm your identity
  • Write your affidavit or prepare your document to be witnessed, making sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes
    • Do not sign the affidavit at this time
  • Take your affidavit/document to a Public Notary:
    • Take two copies of the unsigned document (it is always good to keep an extra copy!)
    • Be prepared to present a valid I.D. (such as Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit, Driver’s License, or State I.D.)
    • Once you are in front of the Public Notary he/she may ask you to swear as to your identity
    • The Notary will ask you to sign the document in front of him/her and then he/she will sign and stamp it as well


Where Can I Find a Public Notary?

You can find a Public Notary at a Currency Exchange (such as Western Union) or some bank.  Individuals may also be Public Notaries but cannot witness their own signatures.  Notaries at Currency Exchanges typically charge $1-2 per document for notarizations.


Note: Always make sure to keep a digital copy of any notarized documentation, in case the hard copies get lost or damaged.