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Two Visa Strategies for Foreign Entrepreneurs

The optimal visa strategy for a foreign entrepreneur will depend on many factors, such as country of origin, nature of the business, and the current immigration status. This article will touch on two visa categories that can be excellent options for a foreign entrepreneur: the E-2 Treaty Investor visa and the L-1A New Office visa. Each visa category has specific requirements, validity periods, renewability, and intent issues. In addition, while every business is different, each one much satisfy the U.S. government’s prepackaged regulatory definitions to fit into these categories.

A Guide for Business Visitors

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers (“CBP”) are responsible for the admission of visitors to the Unites States.  The following guide presents some factors the CBP officer may consider when evaluating your request to enter the U.S. as a business visitor....

Preserving Labor Certification During a Company Acquisition

Successor-in-interest companies may not need to file new labor certification for employees with approved labor certifications; however, a valid successor-in-interest relationship must exist. This can be established through fully describing and documenting the transfer and assumption of the ownership of the predecessor company by the successor company.