I have been dealing with Christina Coleman, from the RC Immigration LLC. to get the Green Card for my Mom for the last almost 1 year.  Be confident that this is one of the best immigration firms that I dealt with. Very precise answers, very reasonable cost, very friendly environments and outstanding timing. I dealt with several immigration lawyers for my own green card and my US citizenship, I grant and assure you that this is one of the best lawyers and I will recommend them to anyone deals with any immigration cases.

Mohamed F. Alzoubi

September 27, 2017

It was my pleasure to work with the RC Immigration team for the past few years on my green card. They’re very professional, responsible, and friendly. I highly recommend them for any type immigration case.


September 5, 2017

Thank You!

Best immigration lawyers you can find in Chicago! Outstanding service, professional and passionate for what they do! I encourage all of you looking for an immigration lawyer to contact them! Thank you Christina Coleman, Samantha and Michael Allen!

Gabriel Martinez Martinez

June 5, 2017


My niece received her green card in the mail yesterday!  Words can’t express the excitement we’re feeling. My niece has been approved to travel to Italy with her scholars program; because of everything you all have done for my niece, her dreams are coming to life.

Once again I want to say thank you very much for seeing us through every step of this process. None of this would be possible without you!


January 24, 2017

Highly Efficient Immigration Lawyer

Christina and her team at RC Immigration LLC helped me file my EB1. She carefully listened to my background and based on that set up some clear expectation and discussed the possible outcomes. She helped me proceed through each step of the EB-1 process. Christina and her team assisted me in drafting a number of letters which were critical for the application process. Because of her fast processing of all the necessary documents we were able to file I-140 and I-485 concurrently and quickly. No RFEs were issued and I got my green card in record time. I deeply appreciate the professional nature of Christina and her team and would recommend her to anyone is looking for an immigration lawyer.


December 17, 2016

Highly Recommended Immigration Lawyer!

Christina and her assistant Michael were on point! They walked us through the Immigration paper work step by step. They made sure my husband and I gathered all the necessary documents, and informed us with details about what was important to keep in mind. I was able to obtain my green card fairly fast due to her services. I’d recommend her to everyone!


May 6, 2016

A great immigration attorney and a pleasure to work with!

I have been working with RC Immigration LLC since its founding by Brad Richards and Christina Coleman. Prior to that, I was a client of Brad Richards, and trusting his judgement and abilities as an immigration attorney, I followed him to his new firm. Brad had spoken to me highly for both Christina Coleman and Samantha Lloyd and so my level of trust was already there, therefore I never doubted if I would continue working with RC Immigration group after his sudden and unexpected passing. Both Christina and Samantha reached out to me and reassured me that they will take over and handle my case, pending at the time. RC Immigration group has handled an H1B Visa first and a Permanent Residency later for me. I had support and guidance all along and I was always able to get an accurate and up to date legal advice on any immigration question I had. Christina is very knowledgeable, and along with her long experience in immigration law, she can be very helpful with anyone’s immigration needs. RC Immigration team is a pleasure to work with and they can make a stressful, or not, immigration process a little more pleasant. I would highly recommend Christina, Samantha, and RC Immigration group to handle any immigration case.


April 27, 2016

The Best immigration lawyer

Christina helped me every step of the way in succesfully obtaining my H1B visa, green card and naturalization. Her attention to detail, fun loving personality and top notch immigration skills made the process less confusing and virtually stress free. I highly recommend her for any immigration work you may require.


April 27, 2016

Best legal service experience so far.

Christina, Samantha and the RC Immigration Group helped me and my wife going through H1B, H4 and now green card process. They are very professional and responsible, and I will definitely recommend RC Immigration Group if you have any immigration legal request.


April 15, 2016

Outstanding Experience, Highest recommendation!

I highly recommend Christina. My company hired RC Immigration to handle my H1b and green card petitions. She is experienced and professional. We had a conference call to set the strategies. She was well prepared and showed us very good alternatives. I appreciate her diligence. Knowing that my immigration petitions are in good hands I have the peace of mind. I would highly recommend RC Immigration LLC.


April 15, 2016

My best ever experience with an immigration law firm.

It is a pleasure to write about my experience with Christina Coleman and Samantha Lloyd at RC Immigration LLC, beginning in 2015. I met Christina and Samantha because, tragically, Brad Richards, the partner who had undertaken my case, died suddenly. Christina immediately assured me that they would take care of all of my visa needs. With fewer than two weeks until the deadline, before 8:30 am on the very next business day, Samantha Lloyd, their associate, contacted me and began to diligently work on my case. As well as the terrible shock and grief of losing their colleague and friend, undertaking Brad’s caseload must have been daunting, yet I was made a priority. This was particularly remarkable because I was a pro bono client.

The petition that Samantha prepared was a thing of beauty. She was incredibly thorough and clearly did considerable research. I was thrilled when the O-1B visa was approved, which would not have been possible without the consummate professionalism, talent and ethics of the fine lawyers at RC Immigration LLC. I cannot imagine having better, or more skilled advocates, than Ms. Lloyd and Ms. Coleman and would highly recommend this law firm for any and all immigration needs.


April 12, 2016